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Why Concrete?

Naturally durable, functional, and practical. Your decorative concrete project will last for many years.

Easy to maintain and clean.

Does not harbor dust, dirt, pollen, or other allergens, and produces no irritating fumes from glues and adhesives.

Endless potential, allowing for unlimited possibilities for creative, custom design and artistry for your landscapes.

Transitions well with the natural materials of your landscaping environment, allowing for easy adaptability to any setting.

Cost effective solution, selling for a fraction of the cost of stone, brick tiles, and slate.

Why Hickory Hollow?

You can trust Hickory Hollow Decorative Concrete, LLC, to do a proper and professional job on your concrete project.

We are fully insured.

ALL concrete projects are correctly prepared and sealed.

A natural look that mimics more expensive stone, brick tiles, or slate

Speedy installation and long life.

Decorative stamped concrete can be done in a multitude of styles and colors to satisfy most customer requests.

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